A COMMUNITY gallery showcasing international photography will open a new exhibition this weekend.

The Kickplate Project's 76m2 gallery, in Commercial Street, Pontypool will return after the Summer break with their sixth exhibition "Other Places".

The show includes work from three photographers - Satomi Sugiyama, Corrado Costetti and Toralf Sümmchen - who have moved away from their home towns and even continents.

The gallery will present photographs taken through the eyes of outsiders, either in their new towns visits home.

Artist Zosia Krasnowolska, of the Kickplate Project, said: "We thought it'd be interesting to see how the physical distance and years spent away from home, or a newcomer’s perspective affect how we look at and photograph these places.

"We also hope it'll make our viewers wonder how long we remain outsiders to or residents of a given place - which we think is a timely question considering how many people move towns and countries."

The show is open September 7 - October 4, 11am - 6pm. Search 'The Kickplate Project' on Facebook.

Alternatively, visit @kickingtheplate on Twitter or search thekickplateproject.blogspot.co.uk