CARWYN Jones is power-obsessed and spends most of his time seeking to divide the UK, Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns has claimed.

The Conservative frontbencher hit out at the Welsh First Minister as he advised his own party to not "devolve and forget" but "come together" to support the UK Government's Brexit strategy led by Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit Secretary David Davis.

Mr Cairns, speaking at the Tory party conference in Manchester, said Labour in Wales is "pursuing an agenda" which aims to "derail" Brexit despite a majority of Welsh voters backing Leave at the 2016 EU referendum.

He told party members: "At a time when our economic interests need to be our priority, when we should be reaching out to new markets, securing new trading opportunities and increasing our exports, the First Minister is obsessed with process, bureaucracy and power.

"But we will not give in to pressure to make decisions that are in the interest of politicians rather than the people they serve.

"His most recent demands are around a constitutional convention, more joint ministerial committees, another Wales Bill, his role in Brexit negotiations and calls for federal frameworks and structures at every stage. But it's not about him.

"He seems to spend most of his time working with the nationalists in Scotland seeking to divide the UK, rather than working in the interests of every constituent part."

Responding to Alun Cairns’ speech to Conservative Party conference, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Christina Rees MP said: “Alun Cairns’ speech was a perfect distillation of everything that’s wrong with the Tories and their attitude to Wales.

“At every opportunity, he chose to talk Wales down, his clear priority being to protect his embattled Prime Minister instead of protecting the best interests of Wales. By attacking our schools, our health service and our business community, Alun Cairns showed that there is no depth to which the Tories will not stoop.

“On the key issues facing Wales, the silence was deafening. No backing of crucial Tidal Lagoon schemes, no word on his broken promises on rail investment, no explanation on how the billions Theresa May is paying for DUP support is starving Wales of the infrastructure investment it deserves.

“Meanwhile, Welsh Labour is united, standing up for Wales in Westminster, Cardiff Bay and in councils across the country. Labour’s record of delivery in Wales – and our message of hope for Britain – stands in stark contrast to the lack of respect that the Tories show for our country.”