THE LEADER of Newport city council has stated that although our public servies will yet again be cut (due to Tory governments austerity programme) our council tax could rise by as much as 5%!

As the Labour Party has, through the cult of Corbyn, declared itself firmly against the austerity cuts I ask what exactly are Labour-led city council (also Torfaen county borough council etc) actually doing to fight back against the Tory onslaught other than meekly passing on the pain and misery to their constituents?

They surely were elected to represent the people not to tamely disregard them! 

What now of the election promises to stand up for the people?

Once elected it seems it’s just “kerching” time! 

(We are in clover, lets look after ourselves.) 

No need to fightback let’s run up the white flag over Labour led civic centres. Truly pathetic.

Terry Banfield
Cardigan Crescent