A SINGLE for charity and a little boy with William’s Syndrome will have its debut next week in Liverpool.

Talk to Me is the song for four-year-old Harrison Evans from Newbridge - who was diagnosed with William’s Syndrome at the age of one.

The single aims to get people to understand disabilities, talk to others and not to “judge a book by its cover”.

All proceedings from the sale of the single will go towards the William’s Syndrome Foundation.

Talk to Me was recorded by a number of Welsh artists and was co-written by Gavin Clifton, Dan Curtis and Laura Curtis.

The song - and the music video - will now be debuted at a music festival in Liverpool next week.

Raise the Roof festival takes place in St George’s Hall in Liverpool on Thursday, October 19 and combines “cultural heritage with musical excellence”.

The opportunity to debut the single and video for it came up after the CEO of Universal Inclusion and the executive producer of Raise the Roof Jacqueline Winstanly contacted the Williams Syndrome Foundation who Sarah (Harri’s mother) had told about the idea of the charity single, they passed on her details and it went from there.”

Mr Clifton said he is excited for the video and song to make its debut.

He said: “Myself, Sarah, Scott and Harri cannot wait for the UK wide video debut. Little Harri will be making his big screen debut of course.

“But this will hopefully be the start to the process of raising more awareness of firstly Williams Syndrome, but apart from that also we will be promoting the inclusion of disabilities in all walks of society, which I feel is important to help spread the message that you should never judge a person until you really get to know them.”

The physical CDs of the charity single are now available to pre-order from the Williams Syndrome Foundation’s online shop.

Everyone who pre-orders a CD online will receive it by post on the official release date on Friday, December 1.

Mr Clifton said: “Every pre-order counts towards the single’s chart position, so the more we sell, firstly, the more chance we’ve got of getting into the charts, and most importantly this would mean we will raise more funds for the charity.”

From Friday, December 1 people will be able to download and stream the single from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.