ACTION must be taken to ensure workers in the so-called 'gig economy' are not taken advantage of, Newport West AM Jayne Bryant has said.

The gig economy is when workers are employed as independent contractors or freelancers rather than full-time employees, and are paid per job. It is most commonly used in food or package delivery and, some have argued, means workers miss out on benefits such as sick pay or guaranteed hours..

And speaking in the Senedd earlier this week Labour AM Ms Bryant said it was "hugely important" changes in the labour market were fully understood.

"It’s crucial that we don’t miss the opportunity to ensure that secure, flexible and well-paid employment is available to all," she said.

Addressing economy and infrastructure secretary Ken Skates, she asked: "Does the cabinet secretary agree that we need to collate and have access to more data on the gig economy in Wales in order to maximise the benefits and minimise the disadvantages to the people of Wales?"

South Wales East AM Mohammad Asghar said he was concerned about the working practices.

"The growth of the gig economy and the rise in non-standard working practices has created problems for significant numbers of workers and has tested the limits of existing labour market protections," he said.

"It is also a problem for employers, who struggle with this regulatory and tax system, designed for formal and reliable employment."

Mr Skates replied data was being collected through Newport's Office for National Statistics and elsewhere in this regard.

Defenders of the gig economy say it offers workers more flexibility.