AN ADOPTED boy who emigrated to Australia when he was only three years old has returned to Gwent 48 years later in a bid to re-connect with his relatives.

Anthony Mort left Cwmbran with his adoptive parents Trevor and Cynthia Mort and twin brother Andrew in November 1969 and settled in Dandenong, a suburb about 50 miles away from Melbourne,Victoria Australia.

After researching his family online, he decided to make the trip back to Wales to try and re-connect with his adopted family - a process he describes as "putting the little jigsaw pieces together".

His 86-year-old aunty from his adopted family, Audrey Mc'Loughlin, was overjoyed to see him when he arrived unannounced at her home in Wellwood House, Ringland.

"It's been a big surprise seeing Anthony," she said.

"I can remember helping my brother Trevor and Cynthia with Anthony and his twin Andrew when they were babies. It's lovely to see him after all these years."

His cousin, Lisa Redmore-Elliott added: " It's been so emotional. He is such a character and we have a lot of catching up to do."

Mr Mort's adopted father, Trevor, was a carpenter and Newport County AFC player in his 20s and Trevor's mum, Doris Mort, was from South Market Street, Newport.

When worked dried up in 1969, the family - who were living in Brynhyfryd Croesyceiliog Cwmbran at the time - emigrated to Australia where carpenters were in short supply.

Mr Mort's adopted mother died from cancer around four years ago and Trevor still lives in the Melbourne area.

After returning to the area where he briefly grew up, Mr Mort is particularly interested in speaking to members of his natural family.

This includes his natural mother who would be in her 80s and is believed to have remained in Hereford and two natural sisters Pauline Price, aged around 53 and Tracey Price, aged around 48.

Mr Mort found out he was adopted aged 15 after he got his first time job but said his parents didn't tell him a lot about his birth family as they "didn't like to talk about it".

"You asked them questions and they shut down and I didn't want to push too far," he said.

On his trip, he added: "I started in London for a week and then came around to Cardiff and Newport and today I went to the Big Pit Mining Museum.

"I hope I can track someone down or that someone might come forward.

"I just want to find out where I'm from."

Mr Mort can be contacted directly on 07427 327407 and returns to his home in Brisbane on November 15.

If you can still help after this date and have any information, call Andrew Elliott on 07726 496920.