A BUSINESS who claim a council-employed gardener smashed into their company van and fled the scene have received an initial payout of more than £2,000.

Canine Corner, of Afon Terrace, Cwmbran, had only been open for 13 days when the crash happened in July with witnesses reportedly seeing a contractor hit the vehicle in the Ty-newydd area.

As previously reported. co-owners Aimee Jones and Emma Grenvaldas expressed their anger at the situation, with the crash leaving a huge dent in one of the van’s side panels.

Ms Jones added the business was kept in the dark about the nature of the investigation and hadn’t even received an apology.

Months after submitting a claim, Monmouthshire County Council have confirmed that they have made an initial payment of £2,047 - a sum the business has accepted.

But Ms Jones still believes the handling of the situation was fraught with issues including timescales, communication and a “lack of interest’ throughout the claims process.

“I wouldn’t want another bump with them,” she said.

“It was frustrating as there was no communication.

“In the end they just thought ‘we will pay out’.

“I don’t think it has been done very well but I’m glad it’s over."

The Monmouthshire County Council contractor was working on behalf of Cwmbran housing firm Bron Afon when the alleged incident took place on July10.

Ms Jones said despite the payout, she will still suffer a loss as estimated van repair costs are over £2,000.

On the payout, she added: “I’m happy with the amount we received, it was just the handling of the whole thing.

“Personally I don’t think it’s quite enough but I don’t think the payout would have been any better that what we got.

“At least we don’t have to pay for the whole damage."

A council spokesman said: "While an initial payment of £2,047 has been made, the alleged incident is subject to an open claim pending further investigation.

“The council is still preparing to accept liability once the insurers finish reviewing the alleged incident."

A statement from Gwent Police on the incident also said: “On July 10 at 12.12pm, we received reports of a two-vehicle collision, where one vehicle allegedly collided with a stationary vehicle. This is currently being settled between the parties involved.”

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