A TRAFFIC engineer has been driven to desperation by a motorway diversion which she says has caused physical damage to her home and kept her awake at night.

The diversion, first set up in August 2017, sent late night convoys of articulated lorries from junction 27 of the M4 along B4591 Cefn Road in Rogerstone, which has a 30mph speed limit and a maximum weight limit of 7.5 tonnes.

Despite the diversion ending in November last year, signs directing traffic down the road stayed up until late April, according to mum-of-one Lyndsey Gauntlett.

But, as yet, neither the Welsh Government nor Newport City Council are willing to accept responsibility.

Ms Gauntlett, 52, says it has become a popular ‘rat-run’ since the works started on the nearby M4 motorway.

Describing the last eight months, Ms Gauntlett said: “There is a massive increase in traffic at night until about 3am. It’s impossible to sleep.

“The front of my house, and a lot of houses on the street, is actually below the road level, and you can feel the vibrations right through.

“A huge crack has appeared in my wall , and I’m having to have my vents blocked up to stop the pollution coming through.

“Our lives here are unbearable. I just want to sell up walk away from this house. I just want to pack all my things and go because I just can’t take it anymore.”

Ms Gauntlett, who works as a traffic engineer, made two Freedom of Information requests to Newport City Council asking for the traffic order needed to change the 7.5 tonne road limit.

But a response from Newport council confirmed the limit has never been changed.

Next, Ms Gauntlett contacted both the Welsh Government, who are carrying out the works with engineering firm Costain, and Newport City Council, who are working in partnership with the government on the project. But neither body accepted responsibility for the diversion.

Newport City Council commented: “The road improvement schemes are being carried out by Welsh Government who are entirely responsible for the design, construction and safety audit requirements.

“Therefore, any complaints relating to road layouts and construction should be raised with the government not Newport City Council and all enquiries received have been advised accordingly.”

The Welsh Government have now said they plan to sit down with Newport council, Costain, and Ms Gauntlett.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government added: “We have every sympathy for Ms Gauntlet, who believes her house has been damaged by the frequent passing of HGVs, and we want to work with all involved to resolve the matter.”

But in the meantime, the problem looks set to continue with extensive roadworks being carried out on and around the M4 junction 28 Tredegar Park roundabout, the A467 Bassaleg roundabout and the Southern Distributor Road (SDR) Pont Ebbw roundabout.

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It’s just gone on for so long. I get maybe one nights sleep out of three.

“If I could move, I would. It’s just so bad at the moment, and it’s been getting worse since the end of last year.”

Peter and Kathleen Richards have lived on Cefn Road for 58 years. They explained the traffic had always been bad because of the narrowness of the road.

Ms Richards said: “I’m disabled so I can’t even use my front door safely. My husband has to park his car on the road and stop traffic, so I can get into it.

“We hear the traffic when we have the windows open, so I would say it’s fine in the winter. But when it gets hot and we have windows open at night it does wake us up.”

Mr Richards added: “You do get a lot of heavy traffic up here where it definitely shouldn’t be because of the weight limit. But that has always been the case, so I wouldn’t say that it just about the junction 28 works.”