THE National Assembly has made a huge mistake in bowing to pressure from the farming lobby by setting up a badger cull.

Even though the proposed cull would be limited to one pilot area we are disgusted by the short sightedness and sheer inhumanity of it.

Government tests have proved that there is no substantial evidence that badgers contaminate cattle with Bovine TB. In fact it is thought just as likely that cattle contaminate badgers.

Do not rely on us for evidence but read reports written by both the RSPCA and the Woodland Trust, who have a policy of refusing to allow the slaughter of badgers on their land. Also, 95% of the population are against a badger cull, including local politicians.

The most authoritative scientific research undertaken showed that it was impossible to attribute Bovine TB to badgers. In a ten year research project carried out by the Independent Scientific Group more than 10,000 badgers were slaughtered. It made no difference to control of the disease, but cost the taxpayer £34m.

At the end of the project a report recommended that the disease was best contained by cattle-control measures alone.

So why is the Assembly administration determined to plough its own furrow and reinvent the wheel?

In a pathetic statement rural affairs minister Elin Jones said: "This is a difficult decision and it has not been taken lightly. I am very aware of the strong views on this issue."

Not aware enough, Ms Jones! The only people you appear to be listening to are farmers' union spokesmen.

Goodness knows how many badgers, which many consider to be the treasures of our countryside, are going to die to prove what has already been proven to the satisfaction of the British government.

This is an awful decision and we hope there will be a massive public backlash which will, hopefully, persuade the cabinet in Cardiff Bay to change its mind.