A BUST of former Torfaen MP Leo Abse has been presented to Torfaen Council to commemorate his work in the borough.

Mr Abse’s widow Ania presented the plaster of Paris bust to the council at a special ceremony in the civic centre.

The former Pontypool and Torfaen MP died in August aged 91. Born in Cardiff in 1917 Mr Abse studied law at the London School of Economics and went on to found the solicitor practice Leo Abse and Cohen.

He was the area's representative in Parliament from 1958 to 1987 and having inspired nine Private Member's Acts was noted as one of Britain's top social reformers including bills to legalise male homosexual relations and liberalise the divorce laws.

In his great reforming days in Parliament, Mr Abse was well known for his flamboyant style and in his retirement he wrote many political books based on his interest in psychoanalysis.

The bust of Mr Abse was made in 1988 by Luke Shepherd and was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition since then it was kept at his home in Chiswick.

Presenting the council with the bust Mrs Abse said: "I am really pleased to be here at the civic centre and am pleased he will be in the good hands of the Mayor and the staff at the council. He will be very happy here."

Leader Bob Wellington said the council was "honoured" to receive the gift.