PONTYPOOL Museum now has its second piece of treasure trove after purchasing a gold posy ring from the British Museum.

The plain broad band gold ring has a flattened D cross section and its inner face is engraved with the legend ‘Continu Constant’.

The ring, which was found at Llanfrechfa in March 2009 by someone who was out metal detecting, is made up of 89 to 91 per cent gold, up to 10 per cent silver and one per cent copper. This particular style of ring existed from the 15th Century up to the 20th Century and has the same engraving as the Dame Joan Evans Collection, which dates back to the 16th Century.

It was declared as treasure trove and was valued at £250 by the coroner.

The museum paid the Department of Culture Media, and Sport the sum and Pontypool community councillor Rob Benjamin collected the ring from the British Museum last week.

Museum curator Deborah Wildgust said: “It’s a very pretty, well-worn ring and we are very excited by it.

“It’s at least 300 years old, probably more.

“There have been several Lord of the Rings jokes going around. This is now our second piece of treasure trove, the first was a gold brooch.

“It’s great having two pieces of medieval gold.”

The ring needs to be fully catalogued by the museum and should be on display to the public within the next three to four months.