GWENT Police Federation's chairman said the organisation wants to meet all prospective Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) before they are elected to explain the major issues facing frontline staff.

Jeff Mapps, who is also the chairman of the Police Federation in Wales, said these meetings would help give the incoming PCC an idea of what they will face as they take on a new role.

With PCCs set to replace police authorities in November, whichever one of the candidates is elected will have no predecessor to guide them, so will be in unfamiliar territory.

Candidates running for PCC in Gwent are Josh Worrad, Hamish Sandison and Chris Wright. Former Caerphilly borough councillor Ron Davies has also expressed an interest in the role.

The role of the PCC will be to set the force's budget and hold the force to account.

Mr Mapps said: "Whereas the Police Federation are debarred, and rightly so, from supporting individual candidates or political affiliation, we are of course allowed to discuss issues with elected and prospective elected candidates.

"The Police Federation are putting themselves forward to discuss issues that PCCs will face over the coming years and the initiative is designed to forge an understanding of major policing challenges that face the country, not least of the impact that policing cuts of 20 per cent will, and are, effecting the 'efficiency and welfare' of officers in the front line."

Mr Mapps said the discussions will be frank and constructive and called upon all PCC candidates to contact the federation so they can arrange meetings in the coming weeks.

Mr Mapps added: "The Federations message is quite simple, we want to meet, talk, understand and engage and we look forward to frank, but constructive discussions."