“THE nightmare is that in five years’ time the Taliban will be driving around Kabul in British Army vehicles.” That’s the breathtaking excuse for planned spending of up to £200,000 per container to bring equipment back overland from Afghanistan when we pull out in 2014.

Why wait? Canada and Holland have already brought their troops home. France and Australia are withdrawing early.

The valour and professionalism of our soldiers in Helmand has been as distinguished as any in our military history. They deserve courage in return from politicians who can end the sacrifice of British lives.

Already 422 have been killed.

Worse is to come. More troops take their own lives after wars than die in combat. Excluded from the total of 422 is the tragedy of a Pembrokshire former soldier. He had been shot twice and injured in two further IED explosions. The nightmare that drove him to take his life was the memory of holding his grievously injured best friend in his arms as he watched the light of life fade from his eyes.

It’s a dereliction of duty by parliament to fail to debate withdrawal.

Soldier lions are still led by political donkeys.

Our generals should be asking themselves the question that haunted Senator Kerry in the final days of the Vietnam war, ‘Who will be the last soldier that I order to die for a politician’s mistake?’

Wales’s first Comic Verse Competition was a roaring success with added sunshine. A whole day was filled with authors and inspiration.

It was a feisty, infuriating and captivating mini-Hay at Caerleon.

Comic verse and interviews with famous authors are additions to the ten-year-old arts festival.

Founded by the late Doctor Russell Rhys, it has blossomed from a statue competition to celebrations of literature, humour and drama.

The monsoon added new excitements to an open-air performance of Macbeth.

Homage is due to inquisitor Adrian Masters, toga-clad master of mirth Goff Morgan, Newport writer Catherine Fisher and innovator Richard Frame.

This new jewel in Newport’s crown must continue to sparkle as an annual event.

For the past ten years Newport County has had its good days and bad days. There was one glorious day at Wembley.

The team’s best asset has been the energy and dedication of our resourceful chairman, Chris Blight.

The yahoos yelp and bleat. The rest of Newport offers Chris a bouquet of gratitude. Thank you Chris.