A WOMAN left scarred for life in a dog attack which also killed one of her pets said the sentence handed out to the owner was not enough.

Kay Piatek, 51, from Newport, was mauled when she was out walking her three Yorkshire Terriers in Pill on September 24, 2011. She suffered a double break in her left arm, as well as open wounds.

Mrs Piatek said doctors told her she will be scarred for life and has lost the feeling in both her ring and little finger. She has also got little strength in the injured arm.

She said the sentence handed down to Fleming was inadequate: "He'll only serve half of that time, then it's all over for him, I've still got the stress, the trauma - it's totally changed my life.

"He can carry on with his life, but mine's still upside down, I've lost everything; my lifestyle, my independence. I don't think four-and-a-half months is enough - no costs, no compensation, no nothing."

One of her terriers, Maxi, was killed when the pitbull, Cain, attacked and mauled him. Her second dog, Mitchie, died six weeks later.

She still has her Yorkshire Terrier Alfie, but said she is wary when she takes him for a walk and will wait until late in the evening to do it to avoid seeing other dog owners.

As reported in the Argus on Wednesday, Kirk Fleming, 31, of Alexandra Road, was locked up for nine months after pleading guilty to owning a white pitbull-mastiff cross which had caused injury and was dangerously out of control in a public place.

Due to the fact she had to take five months off work following the attack, unfortunately Mrs Piatek's post was made redundant. She has also suffered the added heartbreak of losing her mother, Irene Wright, 76, who died in her sleep six weeks ago.

The family is still waiting to find out the cause of death.