THE family of a man who had ammonia squirted into his eyes by his neighbour say they feel "badly let down" by the justice system.

Aaron Jolosa, 23, of Clyffes, Greenmeadow, Cwmbran, has just begun a two year sentence for the "terrifying" attack on his neighbour Dorian Neale.

Cardiff Crown Court heard there did not seem to be any permanent injury to Mr Neale from the August 2010 incident, but his family say he is still receiving treatment two years on.

The family hoped the maximum sentence of five years would be handed out.

They said Jolosa was boasting of the light sentence of two years he was expecting on Facebook and before he was locked up, he came home drunk, urinated near their home and shouted abuse at some of Dorian's family who were in the garden.

"We feel badly let down and the situation was a lot more serious than it was made out to be," Mrs Neale said.

"Where is the justice? There isn't any."

Mr Neale, 28, was out with friends in Newport city centre when Jolosa, "without warning", squirted the liquid into his eyes and then punched him. Dorian's mum Tracey, 48, said her son was blinded, separated from his friends and was found by the railway station.

Mrs Neale, who lives in Cwmbran with husband Steve, 45 and her children Estelle, 22 and Darryl, 19, opposite Jolosa's home, was called to the hospital at 4am to find her injured son "screaming in pain" as his eyes were washed out.

"Dorian told me who had done it and didn't want to tell the police because he didn't think it was that serious.

He thought he would be OK the next day.

"But for three months he couldn't see and he had to have drops in his eyes every hour.

"He was very upset and depressed. To have him robbed of his sight, it was terrible."

Mr Neale was forced to wear dark glasses on a Spanish holiday a month after the attack, had blisters, a black eye and could not go in the swimming pool.

He received treatment from doctors four weeks ago and has been told both of his corneas are burnt.

"It's an ongoing thing. His eyes flare up, they are sore and painful. They go really bloodshot and he can't see out of them," his sister Estelle said.

On Boxing Night 2011, Jolosa caused another injury during a chance encounter with Mr Neale - this time headbutting his victim.

Mrs Neale said it broke his nose, covering his friend in blood.

Jolosa pleaded guilty on the day his trial was due to start - as the Neale family were preparing to give evidence against him.