DAVID Cameron’s first major reshuffle of his cabinet since the formation of the coalition government is not short of controversy.

The promotion of Jeremy Hunt to health secretary is perhaps the move that has raised the most eyebrows.

Mr Hunt’s handling of the Murdoch empire’s BSkyB bid continues to make headlines and led to the Liberal Democrats refusing to support him in the Commons.

He has been critical of the National Health Service in the past and his appointment is being viewed with suspicion by opponents of the government.

Political commentators seem to be agreed the reshuffle represents the prime minister attempting to placate those on the right wing of his party who are becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism of the coalition.

Time will tell whether or not the changes brought in yesterday will improve Mr Cameron’s poll ratings.

In our view the reshuffle is little more than political tinkering with those ministers responsible for the economy retaining their positions.

Wales, at least, has a Welsh secretary who represents a Welsh constituency.

Tellingly, Clwyd West MP David Jones is the first Welsh secretary to have once been an Assembly member.

We wish him well and hope he concentrates on the economy and education, and builds a strong relationship between Cardiff Bay and Westminster.