FORMER South Wales Argus editor Gerry Keighley is grilled on tomorrow night's episode of Face to Face on ITV1 Wales.

The episode sees Mr Keighley interviewed by ITV Wales political editor Adrian Masters on his career, campaigns and time at the Argus.

Mr Keighley talks about his career and the Argus campaigns which meant the most to him.

When asked about his proudest moments as editor of the Argus, Mr Keighley talked at length about the Justice for Miners campaign, which successfully sped up the process for sick former miners to claim and receive the compensation they were entitled to.

He said: "We carried a series of stories about the miners who were really, really ill and who would probably never see any of the £2 billion compensation to which they were entitled. We started a massive petition to take to Parliament, which was eventually read out in the House of Commons.

"It had tens of thousands of signatures, but it was a local, community effort, which managed to break down the walls."

Mr Keighley edited the South Wales Argus for 18 years, from 1994, and retired earlier this year. Prior to that he had been a journalist and editor at numerous papers across Britain, with a career spanning 39 years, 30 of which he served as an editor.

Mr Keighley also spoke about his role on the board of Newport Unlimited and the committee which campaigned to grant Newport city status.

When Mr Masters asked about how he dealt with criticism he faced regarding his personal stance as a campaigner and his professional one as an editor, Mr Keighley said: "You never squash all the criticism - you know that Adrian. All you can do is present the facts as you see them."

Face to Face, 10.35 pm, Thursday September 6, ITV1 Wales