A STUDENT abducted a woman and forced her to go through a bizarre wedding ceremony before raping her, a court heard.

Vibinmon Joseph, from Newport, stripped her naked, beat her, bound her arms and hands and, after securing her to a car door handle, raped her, it was claimed.

Joseph, 25, even produced a camcorder so he could film his terrified victim, a jury was told.

St Albans crown court heard the attack in January was the culmination of a campaign of ‘possessive and obsessive behaviour’ by Indian born Joseph towards the 26-year-old woman.

The court was told the woman arrived in the UK last year to study.

The defendant who lived in Commercial Road, Newport, was already in the UK and studying at the University of Wales in Newport.

He was employed by an agency to meet her at Heathrow Airport and take her to a house that she was to share with other students.

Sally Mealing-McLeod prosecuting said the defendant returned to Wales, but kept in touch with the victim, talking to her over the phone, texting and communicating through internet chat forums.

The prosecutor said Joseph became obsessed by her, bombarding her with texts and messages.

“Throughout January and February he pursued a campaign of possessive and obsessive behaviour towards her, involving elaborate deceptions that culminated in a prolonged sexual attack on her resulting in significant injury,” said Miss Mealing- McLeod.

Joseph pleads not guilty to kidnapping, rape, serious sexual assault, false imprisonment, four offences of sexual assault and two offences of common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.


Jury told of violent attack

THE jury heard Joseph’s computer was fitted with software which meant he could hack into the victim’s computer and find out what she was doing.

The prosecutor said he discovered she wanted to work in a care home and in January of this year was behind a bogus e-mail purporting to ask her to complete an online application form.

On January 21, she was told a car would be sent to collect her for an interview.

However, said Miss Mealing-McLeod, after getting in the car, it pulled up a short distance later and the driver got out and disappeared only for Joseph to suddenly jump behind the wheel.

After driving for a time he sexually assaulted the woman.

On January 27, he was able to trick the woman into believing he had fixed up an interview for her.

She turned up to discover no one was expecting her or knew anything about a job, said the prosecutor.

As she left the building the defendant pulled up in a car he had hired and forced her to get in.

He drove to the park where he produced a box which contained a gold chain.

“It was the type used in Indian culture to symbolise marriage.

“He tied it around her neck as it would happen and he told her she was now his wife,” she said.

“In the car she was subjected to a prolonged, severe violent attack.

“He forcibly removed all of her clothes” said Miss Mealing-McLeod.

She managed to raise the alarm the next day and he was arrested.