AN ANGRY mother is refusing to send her daughter to classes after missing out on a place at her chosen school.

Epilepsy sufferer Tammy Sheehan, 29, from Duffryn, says she has been told she may now face prosecution for not sending her youngest daughter, Caitlyn, 4, to Maesglas Primary school.

Mrs Sheehan is unhappy because Newport City Council said there is no room for Caitlyn at Duffryn Infants, despite both her older children attending the adjoining junior school. She says the council is now threatening to send a welfare officer to their house.

Mrs Sheehan said: "My eldest two are at Duffryn Junior, so obviously I applied for Caitlyn to go to the infant school. Having gone to Duffryn nursery, Caitlyn had already made friends with most of her class.

"But the council said they didn’t receive my application letter. They asked me to fill out a late admissions form. By the time they processed that there was no room in Duffryn Infants, and they told me Caitlyn would have to go to Maesglas Primary instead."

"I can’t drive because of my epilepsy, and my husband is a full-time lorry driver and leaves at six every morning. It’s a 20 minute walk from where we live to Maesglas. They have seen my medical records and are fully aware of the medical situation"

Mrs Sheehan added: "I’m not going to send her to Maesglas, because it’s not an option physically. On top of it all we are now worried the eldest might also have epilepsy. What can I do if she has an epileptic fit and I’m in Maesglas?

"The council have said they are sending a welfare officer, and I’ve told them quite frankly I would like a welfare officer to visit, so they can see how hard this situation is.

"It’s not me stopping my daughter’s education, it’s the council. They are saying they will fine me if I don’t send Caitlyn to Maesglas. But even if I sent her to Maesglas everyday, I’d still get fined in the long run because she would be late every day."

A spokesman from Newport City Council said: "The only application form the council has a record of was received after the closing date and was therefore considered late. By this time all places at Duffryn Infants School had been allocated."