A MEMBER of Parliament has tabled a motion expressing concern that some Welsh athletes did not sing 'God Save The Queen' at the Olympics.

Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West said this was because the song is also used by English athletes when they represent England only.

He said many people in Scotland and Wales perceive the song as representing England rather than the United Kingdom, and called for English teams to sing an English anthem instead, not 'God Save The Queen'.

Mr Mulholland MP tabled the Early Day Motion on September 4, which states: "This House praises the recent outstanding achievement of Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics, and welcomes the number of times God Save the Queen was used as the UK anthem to celebrate its many gold medal successes."

However, the MP said he wanted the House to "express its concern at the fact that some Scottish and Welsh athletes chose not to sing the anthem on the podium and before matches, and understands that this is, in some cases, a result of the fact that England teams sing 'God Save the Queen' as the English national anthem at sporting events, which has resulted in many in Scotland and Wales perceiving the song as representing England rather than the UK."

He called for the situation to be "rectified as a matter of urgency by England teams and sporting associations" and recommended they follow the example of the English Commonwealth Games Team and the England Women's Lacrosse Team, who both sing an English anthem when they represent the country as England.

He said he believes this will allow all Team GB athletes to be able to have "unequivocal" pride in the UK national anthem when it is only and appropriately used for British and UK teams and athletes.


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