A MEETING to discuss proposed Gipsy sites in Newport has been organised by Langstone councillors David Atwel and Ray Mogford.

The event, at 7pm on Friday at the Hilton Hotel, Newport, is open to everyone concerned about the city council’s plans.

Opposition leader Cllr Matthew Evans says some proposed locations for gipsy sites are “ill-conceived” and “inappropriate”. Councillor Evans said: “It may be coincidental, but with the exception of Ringland all the new sites are in Conservative wards.”

A story in the Argus last week highlighted the release of a new list of 11 potential Gipsy and traveller sites and prompted more than 60 comments on our website.

A user named ‘Amberboy’ said: “This council should be ashamed,” to which ‘Howie’ said: “Why should the council be ashamed? Seems to me that they listened to people’s views on their first sites and they are no longer on the list.

“They seem to have reached cross-party consensus... what else could they have done?”

User ‘chris227’ said: “I hope the residents of the proposed areas demonstrate and lobby their MP,” while ‘pinpong’ said: “The councillors must be told to vote against and if they don’t then we can vote against them next time.”

Under Welsh Government rules the council must identify five such sites for its Local Development Plan.

In June the newly-elected Labour group decided to scrap a previous shortlist and start again.

The Argus approached Labour councillors for a response but they did not wish to comment. A council spokeswoman emphasised that no decisions have yet been made.

Consultation is currently in progress until October 4.