MORE than 60 brave fundraisers - including a woman from Middlesbrough - abseiled down the world-famous Newport Transporter Bridge on Saturday for charity.

Kris Broome, of St David's Hospice Care Foundation, told the Argus there was a good crowd of supporters there on Saturday morning and that they were hoping to raise between £3,000 and £5,000.

He said: "We'd just like to thank everyone for coming along and taking part."

Mum of two, Rachel Cook, confused Newport’s transporter bridge with one in her home town of Middlesbrough, but still made the 300-mile journey to Wales to take part.

Rachel, 28, drove from her home in Redcar to Newport along with her husband, two children and her mother, in aid of the St David’s Hospice Care Foundation.

After the stunt Mrs Cook said: "I was quite nervous as I get a bit squeamish at the top of escalators but once I was doing it, it was fantastic.

"I set myself a target of £100 but have collected £160 so far. I'm still collecting and hope to get around £200."

A team from Toby Carvery Coldra, on Chepstow Road, including Emma Brewster, Billy Bedford, Ryan Ellul, Kelly Perkins, Christie Hawkins, Damien Bowyer and Stephen Mulligan, raised £1,200 by taking part in the charity event.