THE deaths of three generations of the same family in yesterday morning’s house fire in Cwmbran are an unimaginable tragedy.

There are no words that can bring comfort to the family and friends of Kim Buckley, her teenage daughter, Kayleigh, and tiny grandchild, Kimberley.

The family has already endured one tragedy, as Kimberley’s twin sister, Rose, died in hospital after being born prematurely.

Kimberley had battled for life for six months in hospital before being well enough to go home just hours before the fatal fire started.

There is nothing any of us can do other than keep Kim, Kayleigh, Kimberley and all who knew and loved them in our thoughts and prayers.

If it is proved, as is suspected, the fire was started deliberately, then we hope the person responsible feels the full force of the law.

If this was an arson attack then it is a heinous crime, a triple murder horrific in its nature.

But it would be wrong for this newspaper or anyone else to speculate. The police must be left to get on with the job of finding the reason for this appalling tragedy.

In the meantime, the rest of the Buckley family will need all the help and support they can be given.

The same goes for the heroic neighbours who tried in vain to save three lives and the firefighters who had the job of recovering the bodies.