NEWPORT West MP Paul Flynn’s expulsion from the House of Commons on Tuesday was, quite rightly, overshadowed by other news events.

Mr Flynn, a long-time and vociferous opponent of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , was suspended from the Commons for five days after saying ministers had lied about the reasons for Britain’s ongoing Afghan operations.

He compared statements made by defence secretary Philip Hammond to the closing stages of the First World War “when politicians lied and soldiers died”.

There are many subjects on which we disagree profoundly with Mr Flynn. This is not one of them. We applaud him for sticking to his principles and agree wholeheartedly, as we have said before, it is time to bring our troops home.

More than 400 British service people have died in Afghanistan. Every one a lion led by political donkeys.

Other countries have pulled out of Afghanistan. They recognise it is an unwinnable war. Bringing our troops home does not dishonour the memory of those who have fallen in the service of their country. But allowing more of our brave men and women to be killed and maimed for the sake of political dogma does just that.

If the Americans wish to stay in Afghanistan, let them.

It is time for ministers to show the kind of independence and courage they expect from our soldiers.