A REVIEW of Welsh student's GCSE English grades was wrong, the deputy prime minister has said.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg told reporters said the Welsh Government appeared to be shifting goalposts for children in Wales.

He said it wasn't for politicians to interfere and change the system unilaterally.

"I know what they say but I don't think it's right for politicians to be interfering in an independent exam system," he said.

More than 2,300 of the 34,000 pupils in Wales who took English with the WJEC exam board received better results after their papers were regraded.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said that, unlike in England, Welsh ministers regulate qualifications.

"The decision to carry out the regrade in Wales led to the swift resolution of an injustice served to well over 2000 Welsh candidates," he said.

"The decision to direct the WJEC to carry out this work was about fairness and ensuring that Welsh students got the grades they deserved for the work they put into their examination."