WALES’ education minister said the Welsh Government acted swiftly and decisively to address an injustice for GCSE English language students.

Leighton Andrews told the Senedd that the Welsh regulatory system had worked in the wake of the decision to regrade papers in the subject.

Mr Andrews said the decision to require an exam board to re-grade a qualification and to do so unilaterally is an exceptional step to take.

“Only an elected representative has the authority to take such a step – while acting on the expert and evidencebased advice of regulatory officials,” he said.

A report produced by officials earlier in the year found August’s results, showing a significant fall in the percentage of candidates in Wales achieving grades C and above, were unjustified and unfair, Mr Andrews said.

The report recommended a re-grade of candidates with the WJEC board and, on September 18 following a direction from Mr Andrews, 2,386 candidates received revised grades.

“The Welsh regulatory system has worked,” he said.

Nick Clegg, UK deputy prime minister, said on Monday that a review of Welsh students’ GCSE English grades was wrong.

He said it wasn’t for politicians to interfere and change the system unilaterally.