TORFAEN could gain a cattle market after outline planning permission was granted by planners for a site near Mamhilad.

The application was submitted by Pontypool Park Estates Estate Yard for the development of a livestock market on Usk Road.

Nine Torfaen councillors voted in favour of the scheme at the planning committee meeting on September 18.

The site is seen as an alternative to Monmouthshire council’s proposal for a livestock market at Bryngwyn, Raglan.

The applicant states that the proposal is a sustainable alternative to the current provision in Abergavenny and is also a viable alternative to the scheme at Raglan.

The development will comprise a livestock building, with pens for 800 cattle and sheep pens for 2,375 sheep.

A support building will include a sales ring, offices, food and washroom facilities.

The site will also provide a small business centre for six or seven businesses.

The occupiers of Pentovey Cottage close to the site are against the plans. An e-mail from them said: “Our first concern would be the stench that will emanate from the site both whilst in use and closed hours. Anyone who has had cause to visit a closed cattle market such as Abergavenny will be aware of the odour left behind, especially in the summer.”

Further concerns were about the crayfish and otters living in the stream running through the site, and bats that are present in the area.

The occupiers also raised concerns about an increase of traffic from lorries.

There were 37 conditions attached to the plans. These include the opening hours being restricted to 7am-8pm Monday to Saturday, with no livestock being kept on the premises outside these hours, plus a buffer zone alongside the Berthin brook.