A GWENT mum says she bought a jar of seafood sauce, only to find it was half a year out of date.

Rhiannon Shier went to the Tesco Express store in Rogerstone last Saturday, as her 11-year-old daughter Jordan wanted it to make a dip for her crisps.

The 35-year-old returned home only to discover the sauce should have been taken off the shelves six months ago.

“It looked a funny colour in the shop but I thought it needed a stir.

When I opened it, it smelt funny and that’s when I checked the date,” she said.

“There were a lot more jars on the shelf.”

Ms Shier said her partner Julian Padfield, 43, returned with the offensive product and said staff did not seem concerned about the implications of consuming it.

“They weren’t very apologetic.

My daughter could have been quite ill if she had eaten it,” Ms Shier added.

The family reported it to Tesco and Newport’s trading standards department.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We take these matters extremely seriously and immediately removed this product from shelves in the Rogerstone Express store, as a precaution.

“We have apologised to the customer.”

She said the store is planning to conduct a thorough investigation on the returned product.