RESIDENTS in Cwmbran staged a protest over traffic problems by blocking their road.

People in Ton Road joined together on Friday to launch a petition, which calls for their road to be blocked off from cars.

Resident Kevin Forty, who lives in the street with his six-year-old son, said: “It is a very dangerous road as cars speed up it in both directions using it as a shortcut.”

The issue has been raised with Gwent Police and Torfaen council, but Mr Forty said: “We are just going around in circles with no one taking responsibility for the road so we decided we would take action.”

Residents want one end of the road to be blocked off so that cars can’t use it to drive between Henllys Way and Two Locks Road.

As well as launching the petition, approximately 20 residents lined the road for five minutes to stop cars at 3pm in protest.

Two Locks and Henllys ward councillor Ron Burnett said: “Residents complain to me regularly about speeding and traffic issues on the road.

“The road is access only, so should only be used by residents and public transport, but it is used like a rat run.”

Residents say that the opening of nearby Nant Celyn School has only made things worse.