IT WAS fantastic to see so many people turn out to greet Paralympics gold medallist Mark Colbourne as he returned to his home town of Tredegar.

Cyclist Mark was Gwent’s only gold medallist at either the Olympics or Paralympics this summer.

He has already been honoured with a stamp and a gold post box but Saturday saw him welcomed home properly – and the event gave Mark the chance to say, ‘Thank you’ to everyone in Tredegar who has supported him through thick and thin.

If the London Games were truly about inspiring a generation then it is people like Mark who will put the slogan into action.

His medal-winning performances came just three years after breaking his back and suffering lower leg paralysis in a paragliding accident.

Such bravery, such spirit, such a refusal to give in, are qualities that can inspire young people in places like Tredegar.

They can take one look at how Mark Colbourne has triumphed over adversity and realise that anything is possible in life.

Mark’s homecoming parade, with more than 1,000 people turning out to greet him, showed the pride Tredegar has in him. It is a pride that is entirely justifiable and richly deserved.

As we have said before, we hope to see Mark Colbourne’s name on the honours list at the turn of the year.