LAST week we visited the Clarence Place end of Corporation Road, Newport, and received the following replies:

Mrs N Moggs: Tonight’s picture is of the old Coliseum which used to be on Clarence Place and is now a block of flats.

I remember seeing Gone With the Wind there with my sister, and I must have now seen it at least six times since its release in 1939.

MrsMReardon: The Now and Then picture is of Corporation Road. The picture shows the Coliseum Cinema, which has now been demolished for a block of flats.

Hicks’ funeral home is on the corner of Rodney Road and that road leads to the rugby ground.

Newport County now play there as well.

Kingswood Place used to be opposite the flats and also Barratts florist on the corner.

Transport House used to hold social evenings and dances for bus drivers.

Also close by is the tax office and war memorial as well as the old Odeon cinema and The Ivy Bush pub.

Jim Dyer, Newport: This week’s old picture is the townend of Corporation Road adjoining Clarence Place. Of note is the old Capitol cinema, long demolished.

Opposite was a funeral directors’, which adjoined what is now the Artful Dodger pub.

Probably taken in the 1920s or 30s.

Herbert Williams: The Now and Then photo is the top end of Corporation Road, Newport.

In the bottom right-hand of the then photo is the old Coliseum cinema.

I can remember a sewing machine shop next or next door but one to it.

Out of the picture was the Odeon cinema and further down the road is Newport Transport (formerly known as Newport Corp buses).

The bus depot was also the Newport Tram depot years ago.

Behind the houses on the right of the photo is Rodney Parade Rugby Ground, now also the home of Newport County.

Years ago, also on Corporation Road, was a wholesale grocer, Frank James who used to produce “nonbetta” flour. Then it became the Spar depot before they, too, moved out of the area.