PUPILS from Woodlands Community Primary School were puzzled after arriving for school this week to find their classroom cordoned off and police officers swarming around.

A ‘crime’ had been committed over the weekend and year one youngsters from the Cwmbran school worriedly awaited developments.

Things were about to take a more sinister twist and, to gasps and cries, officers told the pupils not to panic but the culprit was still at large on the school grounds.

Porridge had been stolen from the classroom, but the thief had left a trail of handprints and clues that led out to school’s wetlands.

Officers were able to locate Goldilocks hiding there and she was arrested and taken away on suspicion of breaking and entering, and theft.

Teacher Jo Morgan said the youngsters were interviewed by officers, with the mock break-in aimed at increasing their understanding of the work of the police.

A date has yet to be set for Goldilocks to appear at magistrates’ court to answer the charges against her.