TINTERN councillors fear a proposal to turn an historic hotel into homes would look like a “great lump of Lego.”

At a meeting of community councillors, held in Tintern Village Hall last week, members said that, while they broadly support the idea of housing, more low-cost provision is needed for local people.

Councillors also raised concerns after looking at architect’s drawings of how the Abbey Hotel would look if its owner Huw Jones is allowed to convert the 25-bedroom hotel into 11 two-storey homes, with nine allotments.

Plans for the site, which lies in a conservation area, include demolishing unsightly buildings while retaining significant buildings that date from the early 1800s and adding new extensions and two extra parking spaces.

Cllr Ludo Graham raised concern about the visual impact of the development and called for better representation.

He said: “ It would be a shame to see a great lump of Lego at the entrance to the village.”

“It says its going to be finished in stone but the image looks nothing like it.”

“It is going to be a really awful advert for the village.”

Chairwoman Stephanie Shewood was disappointed that there was not a bigger proportion of low-cost housing.

“There are only two out of 11 and we know there is a need for this in Tintern.

Councillor Shewood raised concerns about the ground and water mains beneath the proposed allotments, and also the lack of parking provision.

She said there are culverts there which are an important part of the flood alleviation scheme.

Cllr Tony Heywood said: “The lack of low-cost housing is driving people out of the village.”

Monmouthshire council has yet to consider the application.