A NEWPORT man has been disqualified from driving for seven days after failing to provide a breath specimen.

Jon Holland, 25, of Nash Road, appeared at Caerphilly Magistrates' Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to failing to provide breath specimen for analysis when asked to do so by a police officer on July 29, without having a reasonable excuse.

The court heard that it was not Holland who was driving his vehicle at the time but a friend instead.

Holland said: "My excuse was, it was not me driving so I thought, ‘why should I blow into the breathalyser?’ I thought that would be admitting guilt.

"But I accept what I've done. I let my friend drive so I'll have to take whatever comes my way on the chin."

The court also heard Holland has three points outstanding on his licence and he was advised that the court could decide to give him 10 penalty points, which would make his total in excess of 12 and make him liable for disqualification.

Holland said he would not be able to work if he was disqualified from driving for a considerable time.

Chairman Mr Andrew Hunt said: "We have considerable sympathy with this situation and have decided to give a discretion disqualification of seven days.

"We will not be adding 10 points to your licence."

Holland was disqualified from driving for seven days and ordered to pay £140 fine, £50 contribution costs, down from £85 and a £15 victim surcharge.