A JUDGE will decide whether or not the Welsh Government was right to scrap legislation allowing Abergavenny livestock market to move to Raglan.

Mrs Justice Nicola Davies will also rule whether or not Monmouthshire Council should have granted planning permission to Morrisons to build a store in its place.

Two judicial reviews, brought by the founder of campaign group Keep Abergavenny Livestock Market, Jennifer Long, have been looking into the matters.

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre heard that Welsh Government ministers agreed to repeal Victorian legislation that required the market to remain in its current location.

The council, which asked for the legislation to be repealed, granted planning permission in 2011 to allow a Morrisons supermarket and a new library to be built on the site.

A new market would be built in Raglan or elsewhere in Monmouthshire, but campaigners argue that environmental risks, the economic impact and the loss of historic buildings have not been taken into account.

Representing Morrisons, James Maurici told the court that campaigners’ environmental concerns had not been raised during consultation.

He said: “Even now, there is no evidence as to there being any risk.”

At the conclusion of the hearing yesterday, Mrs Justice Davies said she would not be able to return a verdict for at least two weeks.