SIX Abersychan School boys came to the rescue of a pensioner who had collapsed in his garden.

The Year 11 pupils were on their way back to school when they were called upon to help by 88-year-old Doreen Bridges.

Tudor Williams, Jake Thomas, Josh Keen, Perry Jones, Chad Ward and Bradley Leeder followed her through the house on Old Lane and found her husband, Wilfred, 88, on the floor in the garden on September 27.

Mr Bridges said: “I decided to use the outside toilet, as it’s a lot of effort for me to get up the stairs, when I tripped in the garden and ended up in a heap.

“My wife brought me a walker to try and pullmyself up but I didn’t have the energy to straighten my legs.”

The boys lifted him up and carried him into the house, making him comfortable in the living room, while Jake called an ambulance.

They called the school to inform them where they were and waited with the couple, who have been married for 67 years, until the ambulance arrived.

Mr Bridges said: “As my wife has severe dementia, for her to go outside and get help was no easy task.

“I knowthere’s a lot of criticism of young people these days but they were brilliant and I can’t thank them enough.”

Jake, who was the first on the scene, said: “I followed her around into the garden and I had no idea what I was going to find.

“I couldn’t lift him on my own and this is when the other boys came. I’m glad we were there to help.”

Mr Bridges was taken to Nevill Hall Hospital by ambulance.

He said: “Other than a couple of bruises and a hurt pride I’m fine, but it could have been a lot worse.”

The couple’s son, Wayne, fromBlackpool, donated £100 to the school in recognition of the boys’ services and they have put the money towards the Year 11 prom.

The pupils were also presented with a Service Above Self award from the school for their efforts .

Abersychan School teacher, Barrie Evans, said: “We at Abersychan are tremendously proud of the boys, their caring attitude to our neighbours and their calmness under pressure.”