A LETTER for missing five-year-old April Jones was found in a Cwmbran garden.

On Saturday morning, Vanessa O’Connor, 55, spotted a deflated balloon on her lawn in Bowleaze, Greenmeadow, and a rolled up letter attached.

Mrs O’Connor, said: “The letter is a page-long letter with no indication of where the senders are from.

“The balloon is for the missing little girl April Jones, the letter says how sorry they are that someone or something had happened to her and that they are praying for April and her family.”

Mrs O’Connor believes that the letter couldn’t have come far as the letter wasn’t too saturated in rain and is still readable.

She said: “It is signed with seven people’s names but has no address or any contact details.

“I don’t know what to do with it – I feel it should be given to April’s family.

“I don’t want to just throw it away or keep it as it is a very poignant letter.”

Mrs O’Connor is considering posting the balloon and the letter to Machynlleth Town Council to deliver the letter to April’s family.

April was last seen outside her home in Machynlleth, Powys on October 1, and since police have been searching for her.