ENZO Calzaghe, the most decorated trainer in British Boxing history will this week lift the lid on some of his most intimate secrets in your South Wales Argus.

Mr Calzaghe, father and trainer of unbeaten world boxing star Joe Calzaghe, is releasing his Autobiography, My Fighting Life, on Thursday at a launch event in Waterstones, Cardiff.

Your Argus will also be bringing our readers the exclusive first peak at Mr Calzaghe’s book, written with Argus sport writer Michael Pearlman in Wednesday and Thursday’s paper.

Mr Calzaghe, 63 will reveal the amazing hatred he received on arrival in Gwent and how he nearly missed meeting wife and soulmate Jackie as hard partying and a life of crime and living rough threatened his life and prospects.

Mr Calzaghe will also detail in Argus Sport his fury at son Joe being overlooked for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and reveals his dark times since Joe’s retirement.

More than simply a round-by-round account of his boxing career, Mr Calzaghe’s book, certain to be one of the most talked about this year, is available for pre-order at www.gnbooks.co.uk