NEWPORT volunteers who played a part in transforming the lives of vulnerable children will be recognised next week in London.

Barnardo’s, in partnership with the Marsh Christian Trust, will present five major awards at its AGM on Tuesday.

Mum-of-two Sarah Butters has been named as national and regional Volunteer of the Year, while fellow young parent at the Newport Young Families Project, Nyla Webbe, is national Young Volunteer of the Year.

Sarah, 20, joined as a user of the services herself and showed an interest in volunteering.

Nyla, 22, is a single parent of two children and also used the service herself before joining its ranks.

She started volunteering teaching dance and sports, and went on to help set up a dance class for parents and babies called ‘Baby Bounce’.

Stephanie Pike, senior practitioner at the project, who has managed both Sarah and Nyla, said: “The commitment and enthusiasm of Sarah and Nyla has been exceptional.

“Both have now become session workers with us and it has been an absolute pleasure to be part of these young women’s journeys and we are very proud of them both.”