PARENTS have contacted the Argus worried their children may have been exposed to asbestos at the school.

Rosalyn Lewis, who has two children at Cwmcarn High, said: “I am tamping that my children may have been breathing in asbestos.”

Ms Lewis said her son, who is in the school’s sixth form, told her two or three classrooms were closed off for the last few weeks for what she believed was the removal of asbestos.

She said: “I would like to know why the school was still operating while the asbestos was removed.

“There’s no way these children should have been in that school when work was taking place in a number of classrooms.”

Martyn Reader, whose sons Finlay, 13, and Harvey, 15, are pupils at Cwmcarn, said: “As a parent, my biggest concern is the not knowing. My boy is doing his exams this year and we haven’t been told what to expect, and when or if it’s going to re-open.”

Natalie Stock’s son is in year eight. She said: “It’s a shame it wasn’t found sooner, so they could’ve fixed it over the summer holidays. I don’t want any of my children going to a different school. I went there, my mother went there, and my eldest went there too.