UPDATE: 6.03pm

A 50ft stretch of a street was shut off today after a burst water pipe caused a 6ft long crack to appear in the road.

The section of Bryn Road, Cefn Fforest, was closed from the junction with Davies Street to Bloomfield Road.

Residents called the water board around 3.45pm after parts of the road started to break apart and water started to appear from the ground.

Engineers shut off the water supply to alleviate some of the flooding, which saw pools of water collect in neighbour’s gardens.

Debbie Preston, 54, said this was the second time this had happened in the 33 years she had lived there. This time water came right up to her front steps. She said: "We had a lucky escape."

It is unclear how many residents would be without water and for how long.

UPDATE: 5.07pm

Highway workers have relieved the flooding caused by a burst water main.

UPDATE: 3.28pm

A ROAD in Blackwood has collapsed this afternoon along with a burst water main.

Part of Bryn Road in Cefn Fforest has collapsed and Caerphilly council say the highways team is on the way to assess situation.