A PERVERT who used a hidden camera to secretly spy on women using a toilet has been jailed for 182 days.

Lee Simon Price, aged 36, of Lancaster Street, Blaina, was convicted yesterday at Caerphilly Magistrates’ Court of voyeurism after secretly filming work colleagues.

Price, production manager at a furniture company, hid a camera pen in the ladies’ toilets because of his ‘perverted wish to gain sexual gratification’.

He had been found guilty at an earlier trial.

Prosecutor Lisa James said: “On April 12 this year a woman found what she thought was a pen in the staff toilets.

“She saw that there were lights on the pen. She found out that it was a small camera and it had recorded one her colleagues going to the toilet.

“Posters were put up at the premises for someone to come forward if they had lost the pen.

“Price came forward and said it was in there because he believed that a cleaner was not doing their work.”

Police searched Price’s home and found that he had footage of the toilets, which showed women going to the toilet, which showed the victims’ private parts.

The footage was recorded from the pen, which was placed on the wastepipe of the toilet.

Police also found footage on his computer from other toilets at different premises.

Michael Hall, defending, said: “He is deeply embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it.

“He accepts that it would have caused deep offence to all concerned.”

He also said that Price’s family had suffered within the community because of the actions of Price but they were supporting him.

Mr Hall also said: “His father died four years ago which his mother does not believe he has ever addressed.”

On sentencing Price, District Judge Richard Williams said: “You were in a position of trust and you took advantage of this.

“This is more intrusive than a sexual act. This is a matter [going to the toilet] that people expect to do in private.”

Price was sentenced to 182 days and has to serve half.

He will put on the sex offenders’ register for seven years once he is released from prison.