A NEIGHBOUR from hell who set her dog on police officers, causing them to hide behind parked cars, has been given an antisocial behaviour order (Asbo).

Angela Collingbourne, 44, of Hammond Drive, Lliswerry, Newport, had been served with a house closure order, but offered to accept the two-year Asbo at Caerphilly Magistrates Court on Thursday [OCT 18].

Collingbourne must not cause harassment, alarm or distress to any Newport resident, including shouting and swearing in the street, and causing annoyance; must not cause or incite groups of six or more adults to gather outside her address; and is prohibited from allowing a dog to act aggressively.

District Judge Richard Williams told Collingbourne the order was necessary to protect the people of England and Wales from her antisocial behaviour.

Speaking after the hearing, PC Leanne Wood told the Argus the Asbo would allow police to control Collingbourne's behaviour for longer than the house closure order.

PC Wood said that on September 17, Collingbourne set her dog on police officers, forcing them to hide behind parked cars away from her address.

"Prior to that, there had been violence, shouting, abuse to anyone in general," she said.

"It is very intimidating and people were in fear of reporting it to the police because they didn't want any retaliation.

"This has been going on for a number of years and we have tried Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and injunctions before. This has not been a quick thing.

"Hopefully this will provide some reassurance to the neighbours that we have done something."

Allan Morris, city councillor for Lliswerry, said: "Hopefully the Asbo will serve its aim and the community will enjoy a more peaceful future."