A NEWPORT pensioner couple who were victims of vandalism say no police officers visited after they reported the problems.

Rosanne and William Bull, who have lived in their Marston Court home on Barrack Hill for 34 years, became concerned when stones hit their window on Wednesday last week.

They saw people running away, and later heard from neighbours that a car had been stolen.

On Friday night, Mr and Mrs Bull heard a clatter against their living room window. They called police, and ten minutes later heard a loud thumping from outside.

They called police again and were told officers would be sent round.

“We waited for more than two hours and we heard nothing,” said Mrs Bull, 63.

“We are pensioners and we were quite unnerved.

“I rang the police again and they were very apologetic and said someone should have come.”

A blue plastic container, similar to a jerry can, and a rotten apple were thrown at their front window, causing minor damage to the front door, said Mrs Bull.

“We do have burglar alarms and security lights, but I am very concerned that the police are not taking this seriously.”

Gwent Police confirmed that they received the call but did not give any additional comment.