CONCENTRATING on local politics is the next step for Veronica German after she lost her Assembly seat.

Mrs German, who took over the South Wales East AM seat from her husband, Michael German, when he became a Lib Dem peer last year, said she was disappointed by the loss, but believed people’s votes were “coloured” by events elsewhere.

She said: “I think Labour has taken the fight at a UK level and wanted to talk about what was happening Westminster rather than what was happening in Wales.

"For some reason, which I don’t think anyone in particular understands, we have born the brunt of some of the tough decisions that have been made in Westminster to to get the country back on the road to recovery. I don’t think people are disappointed with what the Welsh Liberal Democrats are doing.”

Mrs German represents Llanyravon on Torfaen Council and said she would be concentrating on doing her best for her constituents.