THE BEST man for Blaenau Gwent won according to the Liberal Democrat candidate who came last.

Martin Blakebrough polled just 367 votes, with Labour candidate Alun Davies securing the seat.

Mr Blakebrough, who financed his own campaign, said: “I can’t blame people for voting for a local guy. When I met him, I was very impressed and I think he is a good guy. He was by far the outstanding candidate and I think the people of Blaenau Gwent got it right.

“The thing with the Liberal Democrats is that we don’t have the resources to fight elections and don’t have a natural core vote.”

He said he felt the election was not fought on Welsh issues.

Mr Blakebrough said: “We all know that the Westminster coalition was going to be tough for us in Wales and it obviously proved to be so, but that the price we pay. It’s just a shame it was not an election on Welsh issues.”