There is universal recognition that the Conservatives have been the most effective opposition party at the National Assembly.

The reality is that although you may not have voted Conservative, for the last four years the Conservatives have been protecting your best interests and those of people throughout all of Wales.

* This Labour Assembly Government is failing the people of Islwyn and Wales.

* A Plaid Cymru AM failed to deliver for Islwyn.

* A Labour - Lib Dem Coalition failed both Islwyn & Wales.

* Labour and Plaid have controlled Caerphilly County Council; ask yourselves do your services justify their increases in your Council Tax?

Look around you: Attitudes are changing; people are thinking "it is time to change".

Listen: The voices of discontent with Labour are growing ever louder.

List: Labour's broken manifesto commitments - Wales deserves better.

Welsh Conservatives have policies to enhance the quality of your lifestyle.

We will make neighbourhoods cleaner, safer and more enjoyable places in which to live, by expanding warden networks and providing additional funding for Community Support Officers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Vote Blue: Go Green - Conservatives lead the way on environmental issues and energy efficiency.

We will exchange one of your old light-bulbs for an energy efficient bulb and outline your choices to save energy and the cost of your energy.

We will end the "postcode lottery" for prescribed medicines and treatment by increasing funding for modern medicines, allowing doctors to prescribe their use or a specific medical treatment.

We promise a £100 annual rebate off council tax bills for every pensioner household, easing the burden of Labour's stealth tax on some of the most vulnerable people in society.

We will work with employers, free them from bureaucracy, encourage them to make further investment in Wales and create employment opportunities.

We shall ensure children are skilled at arithmetic, reading and writing; teach them "citizenship" - educating pupils not only of their rights, but their responsibilities for their own healthy life style, a respect other people's equality of rights, their property and their environment.

David Cameron is the leading politician acknowledged to be in touch with the aspirations, beliefs and lifestyles of people throughout the United Kingdom, this is why the CONSERVATIVES are the PARTY OF THE FUTURE.

Welsh Conservatives are leading the way to a better future, it is time for change.

Vote Welsh Conservatives for a change.