Ieuan Wyn Jones

9:47am Tuesday 24th April 2007

THE 2007 National Assembly election is the chance for the people of south Wales to make a difference and create a better nation.

After this election there will be an opportunity for a new government with new ideas to bring in exciting policies and give Wales a government that it can be proud of.

It is vitally important that people go out and vote, to make Wales a better place and to make devolution work. We're confident that when deciding which party to chose, those who have not voted in the past, or haven't voted in recent elections, will realise that Plaid offers a fresh and credible alternative to Labour in Wales.

Plaid is the party of the people of Wales - Wales' truly local party. Whilst the UK wide parties are ultimately answerable to their London bosses, Plaid's loyalty is only to the people of our country.

Giving the communities of Wales a strong voice is at the centre of our agenda. For too long political parties have chosen to prioritise their own narrow interests rather than listening to the needs of the public.

Our programme for Government has been designed in partnership with the people of Wales through our comprehensive and inclusive What Wales Wants project.

We have developed 7 - 4 - 07 (7 policies for 2007) which will have a huge effect on the people of Wales.

*Saving Wales - The Energy Plan. Putting the environment at the heart of government
*Universal Affordable Childcare - Helping parents return to work if they wish
*One Laptop Per Child - Bringing education into the 21st Century
*Stamp Out Student Debt - Freeing our young people from the burden of debt
*First Home Grant - Allowing people to buy a home in their own community
*Business Tax Cuts - Creating more jobs and helping Welsh business grow
*New Community NHS - Providing high quality local health care
These are policies that we developed after a long period of consultation and listening to the public.

I walked around Wales asking people from Newport to Anglesey what they wanted and these are the policies that we believe will make people's lives better.

The people of Wales have a real opportunity to initiate change for the better on May the 3rd. It's time to make a difference - Vote Plaid Twice


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