Roger Williams, 61, lives at 41b Marlborough Road he spent Tuesday night at the Vicarage on St John's Road, not knowing what was happening to his home.

When he returned on Wednesday night, he found that his house was still standing. He said: "It was awful Tuesday night, my mind was all mixed up and I couldn't sleep all night.

"My back window is cracked but other than that my flat is untouched - I'm very fortunate.

"Other than that I was affected by the people who lost everything, it's terrible for them."

And yesterday we reported how Mark Thomas and his family had lost their home - it was among the six bulldozed on Tuesday.

Yesterday, he went back to the site to see a gap where his house had once been.

Mr Thomas and his family have been staying at Newport's Night Lodge Hotel.

He said: "I came to see if there were any scraps left, but it looks like there's probably nothing.

"This is the first time I've seen it with the gap. It's just horrible, all my life was in there and now it's gone."