A BLACK and white cat has been found near Marlborough Road - and it is thought he may have escaped from the fire on Tuesday.

Becky Kelly, 15, of Gore Street, found the male cat by the 24 hour garage in Maindee.

She said: "It started following me. When I got to St Matthew's Church, he nearly got run over so I picked him up and brought him home.

"He is a lovely cat. He's very nosey he's been walking around the house having a good look around!"

Miss Kelly's mother, Lucy Kelly said: "He's ever so friendly and looks like he has been well looked after. If he is from one of the houses on Marlborough Road he might have had nowhere to go.

"We kept him at our house for one night but then we took him to the vets because we've got five cats and two dogs of our own, so it was a bit much.

"I hope his owner finds him."

The cat has not got a collar, but distinctive features include a little white mark behind his ear and a black line running down his chin.

The cat is now being looked after at Summerhill veterinery centre at 43 Summerhill Avenue.

They are on 01633 255394.